Legendary New Mexico: Technology

Birth of the Nuclear Age - What started out as a destructive application has become the most versatile source of energy in the world.

Birth of the PC - Only 40 years ago, virtually no one had heard of a personal computer.

New Mexico Tech - At New Mexico Tech’s largest research facility, The Energetic Materials Research and Testing Center, they study and help test, perfect and p…

Advanced Medical Technology - For over fifty years, the Health Sciences Center has become one of the most prestigious spots in the country for learning in the medical fie…

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Interactive: The Spanish History of New Mexico - This historical period of time during the Royal Spanish rule of Nuevo Mexico outlines the contentious era between the 1500’s and 1820’s
Interactive: The Road to American Statehood - A look back at the history of New Mexico as part of the American Territory of the “new” south west and road to achieving statehood in 1912.
Interactive: Mexican Territory of Nuevo Mexico - This historical time during the brief period in New Mexico’s history when the state was indeed part of the Independent Mexican Territories
Interactive: Ancestral Pueblo Indians - New Mexico’s rich history stretches back millennia. Native ancestral pueblo Indians have been inhabiting the southwest for an estimated 10,0…

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