Silver Star Season Kick Off Party

Join Mark Ronchetti & Silver Star Nation’s Mickey Spagnola at this premier event for local businesses, organizations and advertisers! You could win in a trip to the NFL Draft in Dallas or a trip to a 2018 Dallas game!


Football Fans can mean big $$ for your business – so advertise with the station that gets in front of the most football fans in New Mexico – FOX New Mexico!

People love to watch NFL football on Fox New Mexico! Over 200,000 New Mexicans watched the Saints and the Vikings Sunday January 14, 2018, and that wasn’t even a championship game. That’s 38% of the population of Albuquerque! 1 out of every 3 televisions sets which was on that Sunday was tuned to Fox New Mexico. (Karen McCallum, Research Director)

Join us April 5, 2018 for this premier event for local advertisers for business owners/managers, small business owners and trade associations.